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Vintage Rosewood Ergonomic Oblique Holder with Universal Flange



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A very elegant desk set in dark Rosewood. This is one for you, if you are looking statement piece or gift, rather  than one used for writing regularly , but it is good write with too.  Being a very hard wood , this set tool a total of fourteen man days to complete.

The set comprises of … 

    1 Vintage rose wood oblique holder with universal flange
+ 1 Vintage flex nib ( valued at approx. Rs. 300)
+ 1 Vintage rose wood pen stand 
+ 1 Old brass pan for nibs/Ink 

Its made from salvaged old rose wood which is by nature a very strong wood , hence making resilient from water etc.  The whole set  is completely hand carved and friction polished with  natural bees wax and  rose essential oil



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