Blanzy Conte Gilbert – 2552 Departmentale Cémentée, Vintage Flex Nibs



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Blanzy Conte Gilbert – 2552 Departmentale Cémentée , French Vintage  Flex Nib

This is a sought-after flexible vintage dip pen nib as it is  capable of good  variations. It is very comfortable to write with, and  nearly like but a little bit more firm  than the   Brause 361. The 2552 is a sharp, long nib and  produces very fine hairlines and shading making it  is good for a variety of ornamental penmanship hands.

The word ” cementée ”  means that the steel of the nib has been carburized , making it stronger and  you can write with these nibs for a very long time . This property makes this nib a good choice for drills and practice

  • Very flexible and sharp
  • Performance similar to  EF Principle
  • Made in France
  • The nibs are vintage and no longer in production.
  • Additional 10% discount on 10 Nibs
  • Fits any standard penholder
  • Briefly immerse the full pen point in boiling water before first use to remove lacquer/polish Coating. Visit this Expression blog for more information on starting with a new calligraphy nib.
  • Kindly note that these are unused vintage nibs right from their box but might have some discoloration/spots due the very old nature but rest assured , they are good for writing.
  • Quoted price is for a single nib and box is not included


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