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Calligraphy Tools DIY Materials KIT

Bamboo & Bamboo DowelSodacan sheet Folded pen templates sticker Sand/Polish Paper ( 80-1500 Grits) Piece of cheese cloth & beeswax Metal ferrule for straight pen holder Expressionz universal flange Thumbnuts Strip of brass sheet (28 guage)Brass collarFinial embellishments Heat shrink sleevesTransparent Tubing Disclaimer : Working with tools...

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Baignol & Farjon No. 2730 EF Henry Superieur

Ever Tried The Best French Nibs For Some Amazing Calligraphy?

Gilbert & Blanzy-Poure Montgolfier No171 Blanzy Conte Gilbert – 2552 Departmentale Cémentée Baignol & Farjon La Gloire De’Boulogne, Superieure Baignol & Farjon 2436 EF, Velleda Cementee BaignolFarjon_2730EF_Henry-Superieure Gilbert & Blanzy-Poure No.605, Henry Superieure Baignol & Farjon Incomparable , General Leman Baignol&Farjon_Incomparable   For most of us pointed pen calligraphy enthusiasts , our favourite...

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